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Flexible Construction Reporting to Meet Your Needs

Making sense of all the data in your construction business is critical to making informed business decisions. As a busy contractor, you need flexible construction reporting tools that can deliver meaningful and reliable information that you can act on. With JP Analytics, it’s easy to collect, monitor, and analyze critical data, so you can make better decisions and plan for future growth.

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Focus on What Matters

Not everyone at your company needs to track the same metrics. Executives may want to see a high level overview of the business, while Project Managers may only need to track a particular job. That’s why we’ve created JP Analytics, our dynamic real time dashboards, that help you stay on top of the metrics that matter to you. 

Set up multiple dashboards so you can keep current on specific projects, departments, or KPIs. 
Quickly drill down from your dashboard to see more detail. 
Filter and sort data. 
Easily export data to Excel or PDF. 

Construction Reporting Job Dashboard

Easy to Use, Easy to Love

With our library of readymade inquiries, you can gain immediate insights into your data. Or try our intuitive report designer to customize and save your own dashboards and reports so you always know how your business is performing.

  • Choose how your data is displayed: grid, chart, or graph.
  • Use our Field Chooser to decide what information is displayed.
  • No specialized database or programming knowledge required.
  • Customize and save multiple views.
Standard Reports for Construction

Standard Construction Reporting

Choose from a comprehensive list of ready to use construction reports to satisfy everyone from your CPA, to the government, your bonding company, project manager and more.

  • Choose from detailed or summary formats
  • Quickly drill down for more detail
  • Filter and view by job, division, cost category and more

Standard reports include, but are not limited to

Job Costing

  • Committed Costs
  • Job Budget vs Actual Cost
  • Detailed Job Cost History
  • Subcontract Status
  • Change Order Status
  • Job Financial Status

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Financial Reports

  • Trial Balance
  • General Ledger
  • Income Statement / Balance Sheet
  • Cash Receipts
  • Check Register

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Construction Payroll

  • Detailed Employee Pay Record
  • 941 summary
  • Certified Payroll Register (WH347)
  • State & Local Tax Withholding
  • Employee Union Report
  • Payroll by JobId

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Accounts Receivable

  • Receivables by Customer, Job, Due Date
  • Aged Receivables
  • Customer Activity Detail
  • Billing Status
  • Customer Statements

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Accounts Payable

  • Payables by Vendor, Job, Due Date
  • Aged Payables
  • Vendor Activity Detail
  • Subcontractor Audit
  • 1099s

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  • Variance from physical inventory
  • Restocking
  • Usage
  • Activity
  • Count Worksheet

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