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Upgrading from QuickBooks® for Contractors

QuickBooks® for contractors might be ok for small startups. But growing construction businesses need Software with built in job costing, AIA billing, and certified payroll. JOBPOWER can help contractors manage construction finances better than off the shelf accounting programs.

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Is QBs for Construction Right for Your Business

Is QuickBooks® for Construction Right for Your Business?

An accounting software program like QuickBooks® can help you keep your business records when you start out small. But a successful and growing construction business needs software that’s designed to meet the unique needs of contractors.

JOBPOWER was built for construction.

  • Fully integrated job costing
  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Affordable

Sue Parrish of BMP Electric switched from QuickBooks® to JOBPOWER because of its construction-specific features.

“QuickBooks® was a very simple program. If you were job costing you couldn’t post to another job to see where you were, budget-wise or anything like that. It just didn’t give us the information that we needed, and it was very difficult to do payroll through QuickBooks®.”

Upgrade to a construction specific accounting program

How to know if it’s time to upgrade to a construction specific accounting program:

  • Using more than one program or group of spreadsheets to track your job costs
  • Double entry of information
  • Manually preparing and tracking AIA Billings and Retainage
  • Manually preparing your Certified Payroll and Statement of Compliance
  • Using spreadsheets to keep up with Subcontractor Insurance Expiration Info
  • Your CPA has recommended a better audit process

QuickBooks® is a very useful off-the-shelf accounting program for companies that have straightforward finances, but they don’t have the features that contractors need the most. JOBPOWER is complete with integrated Job Costing, Accounting, Payroll and Document Management software that’s designed for you.

And, when you upgrade from QuickBooks®, JOBPOWER’s support team will convert your existing QuickBooks® customer and vendor lists at no additional charge. This service can save you a ton of time on your initial set up; allowing you to get your company up and running quickly.

JOBPOWER’s Construction Accounting Features



Consolidated Job Costing

Detailed Job cost allows you to see costs versus budget at a glance.

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Document Management

Store all your paperwork for a job electronically in a single, searchable archive.

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Certified Payroll

Easy, accurate Certified Payroll — includes Davis Bacon.

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Billing for Construction

JOBPOWER has every type of billing a contractor would need – AIA, Time & Materials, Extension and Mark-up.

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Comprehensive Reporting

A complete list of customizable reports for monitoring your financial information as well as job detail.

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Keep up to date on what’s been billed, paid and retained for each trade on the job.

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To see how JOBPOWER’s integrated construction accounting software can help you manage your construction accounting better, click here.

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