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Accounts Receivable for Construction

Managing your accounts receivable is crucial to a successful construction business. We make it easy to get your invoices out the door no matter what your billing needs are.

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Flexible Billing Options for Contractors

Flexible Billing Options for Contractors

Our Accounts Receivable module provides you with the full range of standard and specialized construction billing options. Create detailed quotes, track receivables and bill customers using your preferred billing method. JOBPOWER automatically posts billings to accounts receivable, the general ledger, the customer and job ledgers.

  • AIA Billing
  • T&M Billing
  • Recurring Billing
  • Units Billing
AIA Billing Report Example

Take the Guesswork Out of AIA Billing

Our AIA Billing feature provides oversight for all your jobs and automatically does the calculations for you. We’ll also help you produce and print the proper documentation so you can get paid faster.

  • Manage your contract, change orders and previous billings
  • Retainage tracking
  • Generate AIA Cover Sheet (G702) and AIA Continuation Sheet (G703)
T&M Billing to Simplify Billing

T&M Billing to Simplify Billing for Cost-Plus Jobs

Our flexible time and materials billing allows you to build custom invoices for any job with a simplified construction workflow. Choose whether to print and post or revise at any stage in our invoice center.

  • Custom mark-ups by cost class
  • Item File setup for commonly billed items such as material, labor rates, equipment and more
  • Customized Sales Tax Codes specific to your company’s sales tax reporting needs
  • Standard and customizable invoice templates
Recurring Billing to Save Time

Recurring Billing to Save Time

Do you have customers you bill regularly for maintenance contracts or routine service? In our invoicing center you can quickly and easily generate invoices for your monthly billings.

  • Preset billing amounts, frequency, description, terms and more
  • Process recurring invoices with the click of a button
  • Setup new recurring invoice contracts with ease
Units Billing Application

Units Billing Made Easy

Calculate and print billings based on units completed in a specified time period.

  • Includes retainage tracking and materials previously stored
  • Ideal for units-based contracts
  • Customizable units billing forms
Receivables Reporting

Receivables Reporting

You’ll be able to use our robust reporting system to manage your construction customers and track receivables.

  • Accounts Receivable by customer, job or due date
  • Aged AccountsReceivable
  • Sales Tax
  • Billing Status
  • Invoice List
  • Customer Statements
  • Cash Receipts
  • Accounts Receivable Dashboard

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