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Subcontracts & Purchase Orders for Construction

Our fully integrated construction accounting software makes staying on top of your material and contracted labor costs a breeze. You’ll love the simplicity and ease of our subcontractor and purchase order reports.

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Integration to Accounts Payable and Job Costing

Integration to Accounts Payable and
Job Costing

Our Subcontracts and Purchase Order modules are tied to accounts payable and job costing, which makes it easy to account for committed costs before they’re incurred.

  • Maintain control of material costs by tracking accounts payable invoices against the purchase order line items
  • Include committed costs in your job cost budgets and company financials for more accurate results
  • Post purchase orders and subcontracts directly to jobs
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Managing Your Subcontractors

Managing Your Subcontractors Couldn’t be Easier

JOBPOWER’s accounting software for construction makes it simple to track all your subcontracts and related payments in one place so that you can stay on top of your subcontracts from start to finish.

  • Generate customizable subcontract agreements
  • Generate and track subcontract change orders
  • Keep up with retainage withheld
  • Track and apply subcontract back charges
  • Receive alerts for multiple subcontractor insurance expirations
  • E-File or print 1099s
Purchase Order Tracking for Construction

Purchase Order Tracking for Construction

Maximize profits by using our Purchase Order module to monitor and control your construction spending.

  • Keep up with committed costs and purchase order status at a glance
  • Choose from pre-set construction purchase order templates or customize a template to match your company’s unique purchasing needs
  • Save time by selecting material items from a customizable pre-programmed list
  • Record verbal purchase orders for easy integration with accounts payable invoices
  • Receive alerts if a supplier’s invoice exceeds the purchase order quantity or amount