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Software Updates

At JOBPOWER, our developers are constantly working on software updates that help you manage and track your construction jobs more easily.

New Feature Highlights | Update 9.2


Integration for Simplified Electrical or Plumbing Service Billing

We’ve partnered with Vision InfoSoft to integrate their Time & Materials Billing Manager so that you can save time on your service billing and get paid faster. Our integration includes Vision’s custom item database and easy transfer of your invoice data directly into your JOBPOWER Accounts Receivable GL.

More Personalized Customer Relationship Management

We know your customers don’t always fit into one size fits all descriptions, so we’ve given you more flexibility to manage your customer calls. Now you can create custom call related fields by company.

Vendor Payments that Make Sense for You

In order to make your check runs more efficient, we’ve built in a new feature that allows you to create and save a batch of vouchers. That means you can process checks based on the priorities that are important to you. Select your payable vouchers and pay them as a group, or assign pay priorities to select vendors.

JPMobile Makes it Easier to Manage your Team Remotely

With new Real Time Map and GPS Tracking functions added to your JPMobile module, you’ll know you have all your team members in place to complete your projects in a timely and efficient manner.

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Consolidated Job Costing

Detailed Job cost allows you to see costs versus budget at a glance.

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Certified Payroll

Easy, accurate Certified Payroll — includes Davis Bacon.

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Cloud / Saas




Quickly connect, review and update your accounting, job costing and construction documents from anywhere, anytime from any internet connected device.

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